kazekobo (Yoko Hatta)

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item 1:


Full length coat & mini dress with cap & shoulder bag



Materials: Wool, mohair, nylon, silk, cotton, rayon & alpaca yarns
Techniques: Hand Knitting, crochet  
Date Made: 2003 for Autumn/Winter 2003-2004 Collection
item 2:


Jacket & Skirt & Muff bag



Materials: Jacket - wool, kid mohair, alpaca, nylon, acrylic yarns & mink fur
Skirt - kid mohair, extra fine merino wool, nylon & elastic yarns
Muff bag - mink fur, wool, alpaca & nylon yarns
Techniques: Hand Knitting
Date Made: 2004 for Autumn/Winter 2004-2005 Collection
item 3:


Cape & Camisole & a pair of accessory sleeves & Skirt

Materials: Cape - wool & nylon yarns
Camisole & accessory sleeves - wool yarn
Skirt - wool, mohair & nylon yarns
Techniques: Hand Knitting
Date Made: 2004 for Autumn/Winter 2004-2005 Collection  

how I work

My design work is primarily done for yarn companies, promotions and knitting style books.
I love creating designs.
However, at the same time, when I take an order from a company or publisher I have to understand what they want. So my work is a delicate balance of what they want and my own creative energies.
Each design I make is always new. I never just rework an old design, giving it a slightly new touch.
Each design starts afresh. This is the only way I can work.
Before designing I usually make a lot of knitting or crocheting sample pieces. In the course of making these pieces, many different ideas come to me. Then I start drawing.
Sometimes I draw almost 100 sketches in order to make just a few designs.
However, when the initial concept is quite clear I sometimes just need one drawing for one design.
Then I make a pattern and send it to my knitters.
The most exciting moment is when I check the garment and I see it exactly like I imagined it would be. Occasionally it is even better than I expected.
Although it is hard work, seeing the design come to life gives me energy to move on to the next project.