Akiko Miyake

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item 1:
Materials: Wool
Techniques: Hand Knitting, Tie Die (Shibori).  
Size: L60 x W60cm
Date Made: 1998
about the work This work was constructed using a variety of sizes of knitted rectangles, sewn together. Each piece was tied using the ‘Mokume’ [wood grain] method, and applying different coloured liquid dyes into each section –so that the outer surface is different from the interior of the folds. The dye is fixed by steaming.
item 2:
Materials: Jute and rayon yarns
Techniques: Hand knitting, Paint dye, Stitching.  
Size: L70 x W 60cm.
Date Made: 2005
about this piece

This work was also constructed by joining several knitted fragments together. Working from a full-sized drawing, I used stitching to create irregular runkles that resulted in a relief pattern. I used a brush to paint the inside of each hollow with a liquid dye, and fixed it using steam. I sewed all these parts together to make up the final form.

about my working methods

When I make my pieces there are always two qualities that I look for. Firstly, Iím interested in the textures made up by the surface of the knitted fabric. Flat surfaces arenít my thing, so in my making I like to explore deep relief effects. The second quality that attracts me I would describe as a sort of vagueness, a random blurring of appearances. I achieve this quality through the dyeing process. For example, I intentionally dye unevenly, or allow the dye to over-run.