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mixed media dresses:


item 1:
Materials: Old paper labels, plastic threads, buttons, hanger.
Techniques: Hand knitting, Stitching.
Size: D10 x W60 x H 170cm.
Weight: 900g
Date Made: 2005
item 2:
Materials: Paper price tags, plastic threads, cotton cloth, metal badges, hanger .
Techniques: Hand knitting, Stitching, Printing.
Size: D10 x W 40 x H 200cm. .
Weight: 700g
Date Made: 2005
item 3:
Materials: Paper price tags, plastic threads, hanger
Techniques: Hand knitting, printing.
Size: D30 x W60 x H 180cm.
Weight: 700g
Date Made: 2005
about the work

It seems weird to speak of commercial values when we talk about human beings. Do we have a ‘use by’ date, or a ‘best before’ date? These are the words that I print on the price tags that I sometimes use in my work: ‘use by’, ‘best before’. And how would we measure our value? We might ourselves have a go at guessing, but, after all, we seem to live in a much more complex society that doesn’t always let us exercise our own judgments or our free will. These are the questions that are knitted into my work.

Personally, I am astonished by the chemistry of DNA. I find the structure of DNA, and how it is combined together, particularly fascinating. The precise composition and balance of T(thymine), G (guanine), C (cytosine) A (adenine) within the sequence of DNA exerts a profound influence, which, if ever we could find a way of accurately understanding it would have huge commercial value. Value again. That’s why some of my pieces contain many tags, printed with the words and chemical terms of DNA. It’s built in.

It always seems to be the case that the young and the fresh have the highest value. Even our internal organs seem to have high commercial values. Value everywhere…… so how do I decide the value of myself as a human being?