Emi Nakamura



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address: 2-36-12 Yurinokidai, Sanda-city, Hyogo-ken
date of birth: 1950, Osaka
education & training 1974 Literature, Doshisya University.
1988-1990 Hand knitting, Nihon Vogue School, Osaka. 
1988-1995 Design & Colour with Textile Artist Atuko Yamamoto
exhibitions: 1992,  'Potofu' Group Exhibition
1994,  'Potofu' Group Exhibition
1996,  'Potofu' Group Exhibition
1998,  'Potofu' Group Exhibition
2001,  'Potofu' Group Exhibition


Work selected for: 1992 'Sapporo Art Park Museum Craft Design '92', open competition.
1993 'Meguro Gajyoen Art Prize', open competition.
'Fushiginoiroito' workshops & exhibition 1990-1999, 2001
work experience: 

1998- Part time, local DIY shop

profile Knitting has been an important means of self-expression for Emi Nakamura for some time. She develops her work with an enormous and passionate energy, but she also puts much of her effort into making creative opportunities for herself and her colleagues as a member of 'Potofu'. 'Potofu', founded in 1991, is a small study group consisting of herself and some of her friends. They meet once a month to exchange their ideas and views, and have exhibited their pieces regularly every two years since 1992. Her positive personality and strong belief in the expressive power of knitting helped all of us in 'Fushiginoiroito' to go forward. Above all, she is a housewife and mother, who works part time at a DIY shop just to cover the expenses of her knitting activities. One of her great talents is taking very ordinary and even ugly materials and forming them into sophisticated objects. In 'Twist in Blue' (1995), for example, she took some rather dull coloured and old-fashioned yarn and transformed it into a solid object. 'Wrap' (1999) was made from piles of used wrapping material recovered from the back yard of the DIY shop where she works. Looking at her work it is hard to imagine that her knitting career began as a handicraft hobby. She has made steady progress along the route she has mapped out for herself, using knitting as one method of expressing herself.