Fusae Urabe




Knitting & Stitching Show

The 2001 Knitting & Stitching Show:

exhibited work






Message: I have enjoyed knitting ever since I was a child. I used to believe it was impossible for me to make anything original, not just because my skill was very limited but also because I didn't have the courage to cross the barrier of my limitations and learn the complex new knitting skills and pattern making techniques that I imagined I would need. Right from the first moment at the 'Fushiginoiroito ' Workshop I was enormously encouraged to be told that there was nothing to stop me finding my own style of knitting using just Knit and Pearl. I complemented my basic knitting skills with sewing. I knitted many fragments and sewed them together. 

It's been fun, but also quite a struggle, to try and reach my newly acquired goal: that knitting can be a means of self-expression. I quickly realized that I needed a wider range of interests beyond knitting, and that broadening my horizons would make my life more interesting and make it harder to dismiss small things I didn't understand quite so easily. Nowadays, instead of buying all my materials at shops, like I used to, I enjoy hunting for materials from my surroundings. This is how I came to use one of our family kimonos. It wasn't an easy task for me to handle this unusual material, and the end product was the result of many compromises. I hope you will enjoy it.