Yoko Yoshikawa




Knitting & Stitching Show

The 2001 Knitting & Stitching Show:

exhibited work

'Winter Morning'



Message: Even the most familiar fibres, threads, or fabrics can be made into something special with the appropriate technique and imagination. My sole main aim is to transfer the affection I feel towards nature into my pieces. When I look back on it, the main impulse behind this piece came from my excitement at moving to a new place where, for the first time in my life, I discovered I could witness the most beautiful sunrises. Up until then I had just made formal knitting patterns based on designs and drawings. This piece, however, was my first attempt to allow my imagination to lead me where it would. 

Through knitting I have had the good fortune and pleasure of meeting many people and their work. I am sure that being at the 'Knitting & Stitching Show' will provide a special opportunity to do just this, but also it will greatly encourage me to take on fresh challenges in the future.