Mieko Asada



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address: 1-8-19 Sakuraoka, Setayaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0054
date of birth: 1947, Tokyo
education & training 1967 Dress Making 
1983-87 Hand knitting, hand-dyeing
1991-92 Kamikitazawa Hand knitting class 
1993 Teacher Training for Hand knitting, Nihon Vogue School.
1999, 2000 Series of Lecture studies- Art & Designs, Tama University of Art & Design, Setagaya Museum of Art. 
exhibitions: 1997 'Hand Works' (group show)
'Fushiginoiroito' workshops & exhibition 1990, 1994-99 and 2001
work experience: 

1986-88 Knitting (self employed)

voluntary work: 

2000, Art for children, Setagaya Museum of Art

profile Mieko Asada is a mother and full time housewife. Her hobbies are: water colour painting, baking cakes, making jam, visiting galleries and museums, and gardening. 

She feels strongly that clothes are made to be worn and should be both physically and psychologically comfortable to wear. She tends to feel ill at ease exhibiting in galleries where mounting the display under lighting can create an artificial impression, and where the qualities she really values, which come from the experience of wearing, are lost. 

Since taking part in our Textiles Study Tour of London in 1997 she has been far more positive about opening up her thinking to wider creative possibilities.