'Chizu Nakamura



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address: 2-177 Nakamachi, Onji, Yao-city, Osaka-fu 581-0883
date of birth: 1936, Osaka
education & training 1959 Osaka University of Education, Art course 
1990-1995 Weaving, Dyeing and Hand Spinning, Tekisui Institute of Woven Textiles 
exhibitions: 1988 Solo exhibition, Ikeda city, Osaka 
1991 Solo exhibition, Osaka
1993 Solo exhibition, Uji city, Osaka
2000 Solo exhibition, Yao city, Osaka
'Fushiginoiroito' workshops & exhibition 1990-1999, 2001
professional associations: 

1960-69 Academy Basal (Japan cloisonné craftsmen's association)
1980-89 American Society of Doll Making.
1990-99 Needle Arts Adventures

Japan Toy Museum.
Kyoto Spinners. 

other activities: 

2000- Established Textile Studio, 'Atelier Taphoo'

profile Chizu Nakamura is in her mid-sixties. Throughout her life she has been active in many areas. At university she was captain of the ice skating club, and attained national championship records in short track speed skating, before continuing her skating career as an umpire, trainer and board member of the Osaka Ice Skating Association. She also enjoyed riding large motorcycles. She has attended various handicraft and textile courses, and is a member of several associations. She has travelled widely, visiting both the United States and Europe. She takes part in roller skating championships even now, and she still wins races for the over 40s. She recently attended high school evening classes, where she studied computer engineering, as well as playing in the regional schools' tennis tournament alongside teenage competitors.

Although Chizu Nakamura claims to practise her craft only for pleasure, she has secretly been trying hard to improve her skills. Her efforts began to bear fruit with her piece entitled "Joumon", which she describes as essentially a functional item, but with "a little extra". Originally this piece had two eyes made of small disks covered in knitted fabric. This produced a comic effect, more like a puppet than an ancient god, and I suggested that the work might be better without them. 'No problem', she replied, 'they are removable'. In fact, she had a box full of replacement eyes in different colours, but nevertheless, she willingly removed the eyes. Her pieces have a serious side as well as fun, and this is typical of her personality.