Toshiko Hayashi



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'My Part of Paradise'



Materials: Wool, mohair, angora, cotton, and rayon yarns. 
Hand dyed silk, ribbon strips. silk lining-fabric
Techniques: Hand Knitting, Crochet
Lining- hand-painted with aniline dye and quilted
Size: Medium sized long coat, length - 110cm 
Date Made: 1996
Colour is the most important aspect of my work. The image I had for this coat was of a world of wonderful colours: that's how I think of paradise. 

To be true to this concept I would need to use all the hues of spectrum, but placed side by side the colours just scream wildly at each other. To tone down this bright rainbow I chose black, my favourite colour as it happens, as a foundation. The black was knitted into ridges that absorb the light and cast a shadow over the coloured grooves. For some of the colours the black provides a contrast and for others it acts as a foil. Different materials made for a variety of textures.