Minami Ishibashi



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'Azanaru Spin'



Materials: Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Wool yarns
Techniques: Hand Knitting, Crochet, Coiling, Additional Spin
Size: D20cm x W50cm x H50cm
Date Made: 1994, remade in 2000

This work experiments with the effect of applying an external stress or force to knitting and observing and controlling the resulting changes of texture and volume. 

I began by anchoring a piece of string to a desk and then tying it at the other end to a piece of knitting. I tied another section of knitting to the desk in a similar way. This arrangement allowed me to apply twists to each piece of knitting while controlling the stretch of the fabric, and then finish by allowing the two separate pieces of knitting to wrap together, like a rope. I made many lengths like this, combining them together so that the consolidated piece became longer and longer. The result, which I enjoyed, was that some areas of flat fabric became trapped in twists of tightly spun and coiled fabric, leading to unpredictable contrasts of tension and texture.