Tetuko Itoh



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address: 12-58-328 Noto-cho, Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo-ken., Japan 662-0838
date of birth: 1948, Hyogo-ken
education & training 1972 Itoh School of Dress Making 
1985-95 Hand-Spinning, Tekisui Institute of Woven Textiles
1992 Workshop by Boss Jamieson, Shetland Islands
1994 Hand spinning course, Kawashima Textile School 
exhibitions: 1986-99 Group exhibition: 'Spinning Wheel'
1987-88 Group event: 'Muni's Christmas show'
1988-92 Group show: 'Atelier Folk law' 
prizes & awards: 1993 Second prize for 'Fine Wool Spun Yarn', at the '4th World Congress of Coloured Sheep and Coloured Fibres of Animal Origin', York
'Fushiginoiroito' workshops & exhibition 1994-1999, 2001
work experience: 

1967-70 PR assistant, Meituu Advertising Company
1972-76 Dress making & shop assistant.
1982-94 Shop assistant
2000-01 Teaching assistant for hand spinning, Itami Crafts Centre
2000- Freelance teaching - Dress making, Felt making, and Spinning

profile Tetuko Itoh's earlier knitwear pieces were very orthodox, using her own beautifully crafted hand-spun yarns, made from dog hair. We all enjoyed the skill with which she used the different grades and textures of dog hair, which can vary from the very soft to the coarse, depending on the dog's age. She is fortunate to share a rich creative environment with her sister, who is a Textile Artist and Art College tutor. Sometimes she has acted as an assistant to her sister's various Art & Crafts activities. It took quite while for her to break free of her cautious approach and move towards more expressiveness, and this finally began to happen with her 'Tree' series. From this point on she left her mannequin behind and went on to develop her own original shapes and body structures.