Reiko Kimura



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address: 4-3-11 Tukiji, Chuou-ku, Tokyo 104-0045
date of birth: 1951, Tokyo
education & training 1969-71 Kuwazawa Institute of Design (Interior Design)
1998- 'Studies in Art & Paper' (Reiko Sakurai), Tokyo Textile Institute 
exhibitions: 1993 'Ring', Gallery Noa-Art Space, Tokyo (solo exhibition) 
1996 'Force', Gallery Ebisu-02, Tokyo (solo exhibition)
2001 'Paper', Tokyo Textile Institute (course exhibition)
open competitions: 1969, 70, 71 Oil paintings 'Sankikai', Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art.
1990, 2000 Art objects. 'Shinseisaku', Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art.
2001 'Visual Art - Floss Silk', 'Aoyama Sky-door, Art Place', Tokyo 
knitting activities: 1983- ' Shichifukujin' (self-run teaching group) 
'Fushiginoiroito' workshops & exhibition 1993-1999 and 2001 
work experience: 

1971-73 Assistant at Urban City Planning Office, Tokyo.
1987-95 Premier rank examiner at Japanese Association of Knitting &
Lace Handicrafts 

profile: Reiko Kimura is mother of three children. She has a wide range of hobbies, which includes visiting Museums and galleries, Japanese calligraphy, photography, and yoga. She started her career in Fine Art after graduating from Art College, but family commitments rapidly took over. Now after a long absence from the art scene, she has returned to her art again and has begun re-building her career. It is still hard for her to devote as much time she would like into her creative activities, but she focuses her energies with passion to make use of what little time she does have. Her main challenge is how to make knitting that matches up to her aspirations as an artist.