Chizuko Minamida



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address: 2-16-24 Kozuhima Toyonaka-city, Osaka 561-0843
date of birth: 1944, Osaka
education & training 1964-1969 Yuzen & Batik Dyeing, Dye Studio, Kyoto
1992-1995 Miscellaneous Textile Techniques, Tekisui Institute of Woven Textiles 
exhibitions: 1998 Solo exhibition, Tokyo Textile Institute
2001 Solo exhibition, 'Gallery & Gallery', Kyoto.
'Fushiginoiroito' workshops & exhibition 1997, 1998, and 2001
work experience: 

1969-1976 Design section of a trading company in Kobe

other activities: 

1976-1995 Travelled to North America and South America. Stayed at an agriculture farmhouse in Brazil for one year. On the return, worked on organic farming of crops and free range chickens 

profile: Chizuko Minamida has a firm policy towards environmental issues that also extends into the process of how she makes things. Her pieces are simple functional objects, such as a basket for carrying vegetables (organic - of course!) from the field. Although she is not a farmer, she sees her basket making as part of the natural cycle. I suggested to her that in the process of exhibiting such purely functional items some of her ideas might get lost. She responded my view by deciding to show one of her baskets as a used item, along with all the imperfections and signs of wear that follows on from several years of use.