Michiko Muramatu



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'Karamaru - Intertwined III'



Materials: Ramie yarn
Techniques: Hand Knitting. 
Size: 30cm x 30cm x 10cm 
Date Made: 1997
I made this piece after observing a wonderful tree with many of its branches coiled around each other, creating complex patterns of intertwining. I created a small motif made from knitted tube, which branched in three directions. I repeated the pattern of this motif over and over again and combined them together to make a more complex structure. In the end, this object seemed to acquire a unique three-dimensional effect of its own. For this exhibition, at the 'Knitting and Stitching Show', I decided to make an acrylic body to display the fabric. 
Acrylic Body Structure: Ramie yarn
Materials: Acrylic sheet 
Date Made: 2001


The most important requirement of the body was that it be made from a transparent material that would allow the knitted work to be seen from all directions. I chose a 3mm acrylic sheet, - a material that I had some previous experience of using. Following several experimental trials, I decided to create the form by moulding the acrylic into the shape of a dress maker's body, using two panels - one for the front and one for the back. It took several attempts to get it right, and everything had to be measured accurately. At first I attempted to cut the acrylic against a flat surface and then manipulate it into shape after heating it, but this caused it to fracture very easily, given the slightest scar or crack. I finally succeeded when I used red-hot scissors to cut out the shape, and then repeated the process of heating small areas and pressing it against the body. It had to be done gradually, as the acrylic panel was difficult to manipulate in more than one direction at a time. I finally managed to finish it off by heating it right up to the limit, making it soft enough to form the shape I wanted. Despite burning my hands quite a few times, I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of making it and. I must admit I am quite pleased with the end result. I think the knitted piece comes alive against the form of a human body rather than other shapes.