Yoshimi Nakai



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'The Moment of Ice'


Materials: Nylon, stainless steel, and silk threads, manmade fibre, reflective sheeting
Techniques: Crochet 
Size: 140cm x 46cm
Date Made: 1999

The water froze gradually, then after melting slightly in the sunlight, froze once more to reveal small fissures, locked tight by the cold. I wanted to express the process of how ice develops over a certain period of time. This piece has two different guises, according to the lighting conditions in which it is viewed. In daylight it looks one way, whilst at night, under moonlight or artificial lights, it takes on a new sense of mystery, showing illusive shiny figures. In the dark, a spotlight can reveal interesting and unexpected dimensions, caused by the submerged reflected sheeting hidden inside the knitting.