Mariko Tagawa



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'That' in White 
No 2



Materials: Wool and linen mix thread
Techniques: Hand Knitting, additional spin
Size: D20cm x W15cm x H85cm
Date Made: 1996

The main thrust of this work was to explore knitting itself in a systematic and ordered way. I created a knitted surface characterised by sharp and visibly raised lines, and formed constructed shapes based on this technique. I explored the inner tensions of thread by combining two types - each tightly spun in opposite directions - together. I carefully observed how the counter-balanced tensions created a movement that locked the two yarns together, and followed this rhythm through the rest of the work..

To my mind the colour white speaks of truth and integrity, but also has a kind of generosity. This is why I am so enormously attracted to it - I am attracted to what white is.