Emi Nakamura



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'Memories held by Threads'


Memories Held by Threads  Close Up  

Materials: Wool yarns. Photocopies of knitted pieces
Techniques: Hand knitting, crochet, Afghan knitting: (all yarns had been knitted then un-picked) 
Size: 15cm x 15cm x 12cm- each block of yarns, 25cm x 25cm- photocopy
Date Made: 1994
This piece is based on the theme of 'Un-Picking'.

The process of knitting almost always involves a positive (plus) action when the stitches increase and a negative (minus) action when parts are un-picked. One of the great attractions of knitting is how this characteristic process can be repeated at will.

In this piece, I focus on this minus action by showing examples of un-picked threads backed by photocopies of the knitted pieces of which they were formerly a part. The love and labour that I put into these pieces are held in the threads like a memory.