Emi Nakamura



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'Twist in Blue'


Materials: Wool yarn
Techniques: Hand Knitting, Chemical Dying 
Size: D29cm x W40cm x H12cm
Date Made: 1995
I made this piece following the theme - 'Tie, Twist and Coil'. I used the double-faced knitting technique and at regular intervals I rotated the direction of knitting through 90 degrees, resulting in interesting patterns of movement on the surface. 

In this piece, I simultaneously expressed two opposing elements - movement and stillness - through the use of shape and colour. The circular shape, just as I hoped, implied a continuous rotation but at the same time had a settled stillness of its own. I was aware how the colour blue is often thought to indicate a cool frame of mind or depression, and by using it for this piece I tried to deepen the overall impression of stillness.