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pictures from Harroagte

Hayashi's coat 'My Part of Paradise' gets a close inspection


Both shows in Harrogate and London experienced record number of visitors according to Mr Salmon of 'Creative Exhibitions Ltd', who organise the Knitting and Stitching Show. He chose ''Fushiginoiroito' as the background for his television interview by Yorkshire Television, being filmed here.


The tactile qualities of Akiko Miyake's 'Escalation' prove just a little too irresistible.

The London show was attended by:

Amami, Hayashi, Itoh, Minamida, Sakurabayashi, Tagawa, Asada, Takamatu.

The Harrogate show was attended by:

Amami, Sakurabayashi, Tagawa, (Chizu ) Nakamura, Asada, Saeki.

Yoshimi Kihara attended both exhibitions.

more pictures from Harrogate

(all photos at Harrogate provided by Mariko Tagawa)