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Materials: Own Hand Spun wool yarns. Stuffing - polyurethane fleece
Techniques: Hand Knitting  
Size: 50cm x 50cm x 50cm two pieces
Function: Cushions
Date Made: 1997
In Japanese history there is a period called the 'Joumon' era, which lasted almost 10,000 years from 10,000BC to 300BC. This name originated from the pressed pattern of ropes that was found on the surfaces of excavated earthenware vessels.
Throughout this period there were numerous volcanic eruptions, and it is thought that because of this the people held nature in great awe. 

I made this piece inspired by this period. The pointed bits in the upper area refer to the Joumon era by using cable knitting to duplicate the rope patterns. The shapes - which narrow towards the top and grow in an upward movement - express the exact moment of a volcanic eruption into the sky.

In time the image changed. At first it was based on the Gods of the field in Joumon era whom people were rather frightened of, but later it became something softer, like the figures of leprechauns in Ireland.