Tetuko Itoh



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'Tree II'



Materials: Fleece (Wool, Dog Hair), Factory made wool yarn 
Techniques: Hand Spinning, Crochet, Felting 
Size: H160cm x 40cm
Date Made: 1998 

Tree II was constructed in two parts, each with a sleeve, and joined at the centre. The left hand side in brown, made of three or four bits joined together, used mostly the treble crochet technique. I created contrast and variations on the woollen textured surface by adding small amounts of hand spun dog hair.

I combined crochet and felting together in various shades of green to make the right hand side. I chose commercially made finer wool yarn and crocheted it using chain stitch. Whilst crocheting I picked the up the edge of left hand side piece and joined the two parts together. On the surface of the crocheted piece, I layered very thin quantities of fleece in four different shades of green, and consolidated it together by felting. The crochet became a backing, supporting and giving strength to felting of the thinnest quality with an almost transparent impression, adding depth to the surface. The partially revealed chain stitch structure beneath the thinly spread felted fleece reminded me of the texture of a tree, and I was pleased with the result.

When the right hand side was nearly complete I realised that the characteristic appearance of the double crochet on the left hand side slightly dominated, giving an unnatural texture. I decided to felt this side as well so that my 'tree' could have a smoother overall surface.

This felted hat was made in the same way as my previous hat, using two layered hats with punctured openings. On the surface of the topmost hat, I added a few strips of stronger colour, reminiscent of an established forest.