Reiko Kimura



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Materials: (Dress) Mohair, Linen, and Silk yarns. Nylon thread
(Inner structure) Expanded Polystyrene, Panel, Wood, Perspex Rod, Paint Spray 
Techniques: Hand Knitting, Painting 
Size: H170cm x W40cm
Date Made: 1999
In the autumn of 1998 I saw a Japanese-style painting, entitled 'Wave', at an exhibition. I felt deeply moved, almost as if I could hear the sound of waves, and it was a long time before I could walk away from the painting.

I wanted so much to express in my knitting this feeling of the 'wave' that I got from the painting, but I wasn't sure how to begin. I imagined the motion of 'waves' and even the sharp scent of the sea, and considered what materials I could use and what my design might be.

I made a body shape out of polystyrene and painted on to it a scene of sunlight catching the waves. I painted extra effects that created an impression of the power of sunlight. This painted body was more than a mannequin: it formed a visible undercurrent that showed through the knitted fabric, allowing the underlying colours to well up through the stitches.

While I worked I recalled the pleasant sound of waves.
I used mohair to express the softness of a wave, nylon thread for its hardness and linen for its sense of strength. By using the 'yarn forward and slip' method and knitting with many different coloured threads, all the layers of colour started to work together to form a mysterious and deep wave that stood out in bold relief.